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AquaZen Boulderscape

Harmonizing Water and Earth in Grand Style

Project Brief

Situated on a sprawling 10-acre expanse of rural land, this setting is adorned with abundant wildlife. The natural grade changes have been artfully utilized to construct functional stone walls, seamlessly transitioning the terrain while enhancing the property's natural beauty. The back yard features a meticulously designed plant installation, complemented by the soothing presence of a waterfall. The inclusion of irrigation and Hydroseed further contributes to the overall landscape, creating a harmonious and well-maintained environment.

key highlights


Retaining Walls

The inherent beauty of natural stone harmonizes seamlessly with the stone veneer adorning the house. The front wall, reaching heights exceeding 3 feet in certain locations, complements the home's aesthetic perfectly. In the backyard, the walls and steps feature cascading waterfalls near each staircase, creating a visually appealing and tranquil atmosphere. Thoughtful setbacks in the wall design further enhance the overall visual appeal, adding depth and interest to the landscape.

Irrigation & Hydroseed



Plant Installation

The landscape boasts a diverse array of plants, ensuring a continuous harmony of blooms throughout the seasons. Notable mentions include Dianthus, Fothergilla, Coral Bark Japanese Maple, and Weeping Redbud, contributing to the vibrant and ever-changing tapestry of the surroundings.

The property is equipped with four irrigation zones, strategically designed to efficiently cover all plantings and the lawn area.

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