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2D & 3D

design process

The landscaping installation process is a meticulous and transformative journey that turns design concepts into vibrant outdoor spaces. Beginning with the on-site consultation, where designers assess the site's conditions and collaborate with clients on preferences, the process progresses to the creation of 2D or 3D designs using advanced software. Upon client approval, a comprehensive construction agreement is signed, and the project is scheduled.

Luke Meyer - Landscape Designer




Contact our team either through the contact form on our website or by giving us a call at our office. Upon receiving your ideas, our design team will promptly get in touch with you to arrange a phone consultation.


Phone consulatation

phone consultation

During the phone consultation, we'll delve into various topics such as your landscape ideas, goals, approximate budget, and any additional concerns you might have. Your designer will then guide you through the anticipated design cost and schedule the next phase accordingly.

*10-30 Minutes


Site consultation

*45-90 Minutes


The on-site consultation transforms discussed ideas into tangible possibilities. Your designer will explore the feasibility of realizing your goals within the site conditions. You'll have the opportunity to review product catalogs and choose materials of interest. By the end of the session, a conceptual design will be provided, along with documented property measurements and site videos. Design charges will be collected in full, and a presentation meeting will be scheduled.


Presentation meeting

Presentation meeting

Following the Site Consultation and before the Presentation Meeting, your designer will utilize advanced landscape design software to craft a 2D or 3D design. Additionally, they will generate an estimate inclusive of all build specifications, accompanied by the proposed landscape materials. Collaboration is encouraged to tailor the design according to your preferences. If revisions are necessary, an updated design and estimate will be promptly provided.




Once you approve, we will discuss our payment schedule and proceed to sign your construction agreement. Following this, we'll schedule your project and initiate the material ordering process. We eagerly anticipate bringing your desired outdoor dream to life!




Upon the completion of your project, we'll conduct a final walkthrough. You'll receive the final design and documents pertaining to post-installation care. There's nothing that brings us more joy than turning outdoor dreams into reality. We cherish staying connected with our clients and appreciate the photos you share of you enjoying your newly transformed space!

2D Designs

3D Renderings

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