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The masters

Where Precision Meets Paradise

Project Brief

The realization of this outdoor haven was brought to life by strategically incorporating multiple focal points in the landscape. Catering to gatherings of more than 15 people, a spacious 1000-square-foot patio was essential to provide ample room for socializing. Prominent features include a free-standing stone bar, a seat wall surrounding a fire pit, a putting green, and two elegantly designed pergolas, collectively enhancing the allure and functionality of the outdoor space.

key highlights


Large Patio

Spanning more than 1000 square feet, this expansive patio offers a flat surface perfect for enjoying a game of cornhole at the regulation distance of 27 feet.


Putting Green

An elevated chip area provides the ideal setting for hosting chipping tournaments, targeting a couple of strategically placed holes. The entire green is equipped with three holes, maintaining a distinct golf course ambiance enhanced by the presence of ornamental grasses that surround the area.

Pergola & Bars


Indulge in a refreshing beverage beneath a pair of pergolas. One features a cozy living space and a fan, positioned adjacent to the stone bar, while the other graces a sunken patio surrounded by retaining walls.

Fire Pit & Seat Wall


As the festivities extend into the night, the fire patio beckons guests to gather around. The stone bar remains conveniently close, fostering camaraderie. A seat wall offers seating for up to 6 guests, and additional chairs can be arranged on the fire patio, ensuring a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

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