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Backyard Bliss

Where Elegance Meets Every Step

Project Brief

Numerous stunning features grace the backyard living space of this project. A renovated deck, pergola, bar, patio, seat wall, and fire feature collectively define and enhance the appeal of this property.

key highlights


Large Patio

To accommodate gatherings of more than 10 people, an expansive patio exceeding 1000 square feet was deemed essential. The added advantage comes in the form of abundant seating encircling the perimeter, courtesy of the Rustic Canyon Canadian outcropping. This not only imparts an amphitheater-like atmosphere to the living space but also ensures ample seating for a convivial atmosphere.


Pergola and Bar

Retreat from the sun on the property and savor a refreshing moment beneath the wave sails. A generously sized 8’x4’ bar, featuring a natural limestone countertop, offers an inviting space for shaded conversations.

Fire Feature


Positioned at the heart of the fire patio, this expansive outcropping underwent core drilling to become a central focal point. With meticulous attention to detail, a custom metal insert and tubing were incorporated, serving as the framework for a "smokeless fire pit." This innovative design not only enhances the aesthetics but also ensures a captivating and enjoyable outdoor experience around the fire feature.


Plant Installation

The plantings in this project achieve a balanced distribution of evergreens and seasonal color. A strategic placement of select trees ensures ample shade in key areas. This landscape is designed to be "low maintenance."

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