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Garden Oasis

Floral Symphony

Project Brief

This undertaking encompasses various integrated features designed to harmonize the enclosed backyard and enhance the curb appeal of the front yard. A newly installed fence delineates the boundaries, while within, a concrete patio, lush sod, efficient irrigation, and thoughtfully selected landscape plantings contribute to a cohesive and appealing outdoor space.

key highlights


Concrete Patio

The space beneath the deck accommodates a traditional hot tub on the patio, creating a snug ambiance complemented by the presence of weeping white pine blocks and a modest retaining wall.


Irrigation & SOD

The selected sod for this project was Scott's ProVista Sod, chosen for its unique characteristics. Growing at half the rate of traditional Kentucky Bluegrass, it boasts enhanced resistance to weeds. ProVista retains the desirable traits of Kentucky Bluegrass, displaying a deep green color and exhibiting resilience to foot traffic.

Plant Installation


Within this property, an abundance of distinctive plant varieties graces the landscape, including the elegant weeping white pine, the graceful weeping Alaskan cedar, and the charming snow fountain weeping cherry. Not only does it showcase vibrant seasonal colors, but it also maintains a harmonious balance with evergreen foliage, ensuring visual appeal during the winter months.

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