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Inferno Oasis

Sculpting Flames into a

Project Brief

Situated on a farm property linking the main residence to the primary garage, this project aims to bestow a "peace park" ambiance that aligns seamlessly with our client's lifestyle. This objective was achieved through the incorporation of a substantial fireplace, a water feature adorned with Michigan boulders, an expansive patio, and thoughtfully selected plant installations.

key highlights



Dominating the patio, this towering fireplace stands as a prominent focal point, soaring to a height exceeding 9 feet and emanating substantial heat. Complementing the chimney is a paver inlay, enhancing the overall aesthetic. To ensure privacy from a bustling road, the fireplace is strategically backed by juniper trees.

Large Patio


Spanning slightly more than 1,000 square feet, this patio serves as a linkage between the residence, garage, and parking pad. Designed to accommodate seating for over 10 guests, it features dual banding layers and paver inlays, adding visual interest and appeal to the overall design.


Michigan Boulder Water Feature

Whenever feasible, we take pleasure in incorporating the resources available from our clients. In the case of this property, it housed a collection of sizable Michigan boulders. Two of these boulders were meticulously chosen and custom drilled to facilitate the flow of water, creating a captivating cascade. Positioned at the heart of the project, these features add a distinctive touch to the overall design.


Plant Installation

The plantings in this project achieve a balanced distribution of evergreens and seasonal color. A strategic placement of select trees ensures ample shade in key areas. This landscape is designed to be "low maintenance."

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