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Bruce Block 4.jpg

Aquatic Symphony

A Serenade of Nature's Elegance

Project Brief

This project is situated in a pond pasture on the client's estate, nestled in a low spot amidst surrounding properties. The scope of this project encompasses the creation of expansive water features, transplantation of trees, incorporation of golfing highlights, and the complete installation of sod.

key highlights



Stretching over 30 feet with "x" falls, one of them boasting a 3-foot overall drop. The stream is adorned with native plants, Michigan boulders, and expansive Canadian limestone outcroppings. A limestone outcropping also serves as a bridge near the largest fall.



Adjacent to the waterfall, two tee boxes offer a thrilling 115-yard shot over the pond to a pin. Additionally, a third tee box within 40 yards of the pin, a bunker, and a putting green with three holes enhance the golfing experience.


Tree Spading

Addressing privacy concerns due to the property's proximity to a busy road, we transplanted 7 large evergreens, ranging from 12 to 15 feet in height. The selection includes Norway, Serbian, and Black Hills Spruce.


Sod & Irrigation

Leveraging the natural water supply from the pond, the entire area is irrigated to support the installed sod. Kentucky bluegrass creates an inviting landscape, catering to both nature enthusiasts and golfers in the pasture.

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