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As enabled by law, this client had their mature evergreens topped to stay away from the power lines. These evergreens were there before the power lines. They ended up growing to touch them and potentially cause a hazard. With their backyard unexpectedly modified opposite of aesthetic appeal they called us to resolve the scenario.

During the site consultation our team learned what mattered to the client. They are retired and do not have the time to watch plants grow up. They want mature plants now. They also love their neighbors and want to stay in the house, but it no longer felt like home having their entire privacy screen removed from their yard. 

Our team designed a landscape tailored to the needs of the client. As utilized often in the design process, our sister company Fox Tree Farm was called upon. The design involves 6 Evergreens ranging from Norway Spruce, Black Hills Spruce, Norway Spruce and Concolor Fir. These provide year-round privacy. It also includes an Autumn Blaze Maple to provide beautiful fall color. They are placed far enough from the power lines to promote no hazard at full maturity. Behind these trees are shrubs that will grow to 12-15' in height. They are below the power lines but grow to the maximum height to cause no future problems. They will also provide privacy.

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