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Have a Strong Work Ethic

Working hard is one of the most basic and faithful principles to success, but what does that look like in the green industry, especially when trying to provide excellent services to customers, caring for your community, and making genuine connections? Foxscapes strives for all these things. This week, hear from Nathan on the Foxscapes Blog on how to navigate these waters.

I started mowing lawns when I was just ten years old. I’m now eighteen and have grown to formally own a company, gradually upgraded my equipment and service nearly 80 accounts. One of my suggestions for any youth interested in pursuing their dream to become an entrepreneur in the landscape industry is to have a strong work ethic. Things are easier said than done. It’s easy to say to the customer “I will get your job done this weekend,” but it’s another thing to do it when the weather doesn’t cooperate… I can recall doing fall clean-ups when there were snow flurries. Keep a positive attitude and the hard work will pay off. Customers and even potential customers take notice of your effort and will help build your reputation.

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