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Develop Your Communication Skills

It’s part of our mission to invest in others. That’s why we are beginning a video series on our blog where Nathan will be giving tips to young entrepreneurs revisiting his story and the things he learned along the way. We are starting this week by talking about developing your communication skills to create genuine relationships with your customers and in your community.

I started mowing lawns when I was ten years old. Now, I’m now 19 and have formed my company, gradually upgraded my equipment, and I currently service 60-70 accounts. One of my first suggestions for any young person interested in pursuing their dream to become an entrepreneur in the green industry is to develop your communication skills. It starts with a willingness to talk to adults, even if uncomfortable, introducing yourself to customers and others in the industry. I started by asking my neighbors if they would like me to mow their lawn. While it may be a little out of your comfort zone, you will find that you will get there if you are persistent. The more you talk to those in the industry and potential customers, you will naturally become better at it. Additionally, I might suggest considering some role playing with your family members or friends. This is one way to practice so that you are ready to talk to your first potential customers. Just remember, they are people just like you and me and if you show interest in them, while maintaining respect and professionalism, there’s a better chance they will show interest in you.

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