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This client had just moved into their new house and they are raising a family. They had a blank slate for us to work with. In the initial consultation we walked the site and learned that their back yard slopes 5.5' over the course of 55'. This presented a challenge as there is no way to play in the yard without losing toys in the woods. Retaining walls to create a few flat areas would be the solution in this scenario. Making sure the drop from one wall to the next level of flat ground is insignificant was a concern as they have children.

Our team designed a full landscape install for this new home build. 3 rows of boulders presented a safe, gradual decline to the bottom yard area. A large patio with a gas fire pit in the top corner created an inviting outdoor living area where the parents can oversee the entirety of the back yard. The plant selection in the landscape boasts low maintenance yet provides aesthetic appeal to the home. This landscape was finished off with brand new sod and a full irrigation install.

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