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This client has an existing pool in their outdoor landscape but wanted to add something that would block their pool house and also keep the pool free of clutter.

After seeing the space we had to create something that fit the lifestyle and needs of the client. Our team decided it was best to create a water feature in this space. We learned that the client likes to sit out by the pool and read in the lounge chairs which happen to be near our space of design. Creating the sound and visual of splashing water and a pond in this space only adds to the relaxation the client already enjoys.

We also learned that the client likes to plant annuals each year. In this landscape we prepped the planting locations for annual plantings where the client has planted petunias and geraniums. They have the freedom to plant what they desire around their waterfall.

Also taken into consideration was the fact that we were poolside. We didn't want any light landscape objects such as falling leaves or mulch to contaminate the pool. Hard, heavy objects such as rocks fit the mold.

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